The Top 5 Oscars Snubs of Martin Scorsese’s Career

Martin Scorsese is, I would argue, the greatest director in the history of cinema. Even if you exclude his best three movies, the work that has had the greatest effect on cinema (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas), his remaining oeuvre is still perhaps the greatest. Then you add in three of the greatest films of all-time? Come on now.

Strangely, this greatness has gone unappreciated by a very noted body–the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Scorsese’s films are quite frequently overlooked, under appreciated, and shut out at the Oscars. One need not look further than this year’s ceremony in which The Irishman, after receiving 10 nominations, did not take home a single statue.

So I decided to go back and highlight my Top 5 biggest snubs of Scorsese’s career. Some of these will be snubbing of Scorsese specifically while others are for other participants in Scorsese’s films. Let’s begin…

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Rise of Skywalker: Thoughts and Interpretations

The final installment in the “Skywalker Saga” in the Star Wars universe premiered last week as The Rise of Skywalker made its way to movie theaters across the country. The reviews of the film have been decidedly mixed with the bulk of the criticisms levied at the film being that the film hued a more formulaic and fan service-y path, pushing back against the big subversions of The Last Jedi.

Now I am someone who really liked The Last Jedi (and I’ve written about it here) and the things it did differently but… I still thought The Rise of Skywalker was a film that was by and large a success. It was an entertaining ending to this saga that was faithful to the series itself and the kind of story it had been telling across these many decades (and it did not actively ruin things, like the prequels did)(I think if you really lived through the debacle of the prequels, you were able to appreciate Rise of Skywalker because it was at least good).

But I want to go a little bit deeper, both in terms of my thinking about how the film worked as well as some of the interesting themes and ideas that the film explores. I don’t think Rise of Skywalker is just “a fun time/turn your brain off” kind of film. There’s interesting stuff to think about, particularly as it relates to spiritual and religious ideas. And that’s what I want to talk about.

So I’m going to be talking about things that happened in Rise of Skywalker. That means… SPOILERS ARE COMING! SPOILER WARNING! If you haven’t seen the movie, you might want to stop and come back to this. You’ve been warned! But if you have seen it, please continue!

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The Trouble with Midi-chlorians

Between Binge Mode focusing on the Star Wars universe and the upcoming Rise of Skywalker bringing to an end the Skywalker narrative that I (and so many people) have grown up on and thought so much about, I’ve been in a Star Wars mood of late. I’ve decided to go back to the elements of the Star Wars story that I either hadn’t watched and considered or only saw once or twice.

This has lead me, against my better judgment, to re-watch Episode I: The Phantom Menace. It’s been many, many years since I’ve watched Phantom Menace but those very rough parts were still very much there. There was some stuff that I appreciated much more now (the lightsaber duel between Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan and Darth Maul and Ewan McGregor’s performance as Obi-Wan in general).

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The Last Jedi: A Vatican II for the Jedi

I wrote this shortly after seeing The Last Jedi in theaters at the end of 2017. I’m re-posting it as it initially ran, without adjusting the initial paragraph to reflect the change in time. But everything else should be fine.

It took me long enough–well longer than it took some fellow fans– but I was finally able to see The Last Jedi. I definitely enjoyed it (I still prefer The Force Awakens amongst the new films and would still put all the original trilogy above it too) and would highly recommend it to anyone. What stood out to me is something that I’ve noticed throughout all these films (and something that I’m not alone in noticing). Namely that there was an element to The Last Jedi that is decidedly Christian and, more specifically, Catholic.

Because I’m going to be getting into things that are spoiler-y, I will put the warning here that if you have not seen The Last Jedi you shouldn’t continue reading this.

Also, I’ll put a break here and if you’d like to read more and you’ve seen The Last Jedi, you should continue.

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